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wheel chock ultra strong
Ultra - Strong

Less weight, more performances:

XBlock has an innovative structure in plastic with steel core that combines low-weight and high performances.

wheel chock ultra light

XBlock folds on itself and two wheel chocks occupy the space normally taken up by one standard wedge, hence no second holder is needed.

XBlock is 40% lighter than traditional wheel chocks in plastic.

wheel chock TÜV Certified
TÜV Certified

The foldable wheel chock by RECO is TÜV certified and meets the DIN76051 mechanicals standards.

XBlock G46 - TÜV Certificate
Download pdf

XBlock G53 - TÜV Certificate
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TÜV Certified Savings

XBlock packaging and palletizing allow a huge volume reduction.

XBlock is 100% recyclable and its production requires 50% less plastic.

Wheel chocks for rv
Trailer wheel chocks
chock wheels
wheel blocks

The XBlock, is now available in different sizes

  • Size G46

    Wheel Chock Size G46


  • Size G53

    Wheel Chock Size G53

    Chock Size G53

  • PA6 version

    Wheel Chock PA6 version

    XBlock is also available in PA6, with extremely high mechanical properties. XBlock in PA6 is the ultimate solution when it comes to heavy duties.

  • x-Block Holder


    The XBlock support holds 2 wheel chocks at the same time.

    The XBlock holder is made in PP and equipped with 2 tension bends with metal hooks.

    Extremely light and easy to mount.

    The XBlock holder suits both G46 and G53 chocks

    Download XBlock Wheel chock holder 3D file (.stp)

The Automotive Version able to fulfil the most demanding standards.

Made in PA6, XBlock Automotive is equipped with metal stiffeners, which make it the innovative chock on the market.
Wheel Chocks
Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chock Storage and moving has never been so easy!

XBlock packaging and palletizing allow a huge volume reduction

Cartone 80 pieces

A: 800 mm
B: 1200 mm
C: 500 mm
Wheel Chocks storage

Pallet 80 pieces

A: 800 mm
B: 1200 mm
C: 700 mm
110 Kg
Wheel Chocks storage

Pallet 160 pieces

A: 800 mm
B: 1200 mm
C: 1200 mm
210 Kg
Wheel Chocks storage

Pallet 240 pieces

A: 800 mm
B: 1200 mm
C: 1700 mm
310 Kg
Wheel Chocks storage

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